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A Few Assorted Random Facts

- I spent the better part of my teen years in the public library, and a major part of my twenties in Karaoke pubs

- I love sushi, but I usually fry or bake it before eating, because I HATE raw fish/meat. I would love to go to a really good sushi bar, but I don't want to provoke the sushi chef, so ...

- I am a German expat in Florida, and my immigration to "The Sunshine State" chronologically coincided with the time when perimenopausal HEATwaves started to become a fact of (my) life anyway. Sometimes I do appreciate the irony ...

- At some point in my life, I was so fear and anxiety ridden, that I could hardly walk a hundred steps without panicking. About ten years later, I was able to participate in a 3-day-charity-walk. I consider myself a depressive optimist (or maybe it's the other way round).

- I got my first real celebrity super-crush in my mid-twenties. I guess you might call me a "late bloomer". I would STILL love to jam (no, that's NOT a euphemism) with Mr. Phil Collins.
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[personal profile] hardboiledbaby 2017-04-20 09:23 am (UTC)(link)
Hi there :) Sounds like you've come a long way, baby, on several levels, so congratulations!