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I have not posted on my LJ account in years. Being there, back then, gave me a tremendous sense of community, of purpose, and of course I was able to indulge in all kinds of Jeremy Brett related swooning posts.

I am not ready to delete it, but I don't want to transfer it here and continue using it either, because in many aspects I feel like a different person now, and I do not want to continue that user name here. Too much is still connected with it, and I want this to be a place where I can speak my mind and play around and be myself, without having to take into my count any current or future clients, family or other relations.

What I AM doing now, is deleting most of the entries there, mostly those that link to my writings or are LGBT related. It does not really feel right to do this, to censor myself this way - but I guess it's the prudent thing to do, so they won't bother with the rest of the entries that I intend to keep there.
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- I spent the better part of my teen years in the public library, and a major part of my twenties in Karaoke pubs

- I love sushi, but I usually fry or bake it before eating, because I HATE raw fish/meat. I would love to go to a really good sushi bar, but I don't want to provoke the sushi chef, so ...

- I am a German expat in Florida, and my immigration to "The Sunshine State" chronologically coincided with the time when perimenopausal HEATwaves started to become a fact of (my) life anyway. Sometimes I do appreciate the irony ...

- At some point in my life, I was so fear and anxiety ridden, that I could hardly walk a hundred steps without panicking. About ten years later, I was able to participate in a 3-day-charity-walk. I consider myself a depressive optimist (or maybe it's the other way round).

- I got my first real celebrity super-crush in my mid-twenties. I guess you might call me a "late bloomer". I would STILL love to jam (no, that's NOT a euphemism) with Mr. Phil Collins.
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Soooo ... here we go, I guess. Hi, this is my first (oh, soooo original!) post.


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